Super Phosphoric Acid

Super Phosphoric Acid:
A Current Assessment of the North American Market

Super Phosphoric Acid (SPA) is a liquid with a P2O5 concentration of between 69-76%. While the vast majority of super phos is used in agriculture (primarily in the production of ammonium polyphosphates), there are industrial uses that impact the market as well.

Market demand for super phos, after contracting significantly from the 2012/13 growing season, is now expanding at an attractive rate relative to other fertilizers. But where is this small but important market headed?

This unique study from Green Markets examines all the relevant dynamics of the super phosphoric acid market including detailed data on production, capacity, imports, exports, and current pricing. The report, informed by proprietary analysis on fertilizer production delivers insight into the super phosphoric acid marketing including:

  • Overview and Summary of the Super Phosphoric Acid Market
  • North American Super Phosphoric Acid Production
    • Super Phosphoric Acid 2016 Capacity by Producer and Location (‘000 st and ‘000 st P205) including:
      • Agrium
      • J.R. Simplot
      • PotashCorp
  • U.S. Trade of Super Phosphoric Acid
    • Import data 2011 – 2016 for Canada, China, and others
    • Export data 2011 – 2016 for Canada, Mexicao and others
  • Super Phosphoric Acid Demand
    • Global Consumption, by Country 2015/2016 (‘000 st P205)
    • Agricultural demand by U.S. region 2015/2016 (st P205)
    • Agricultural demand by U.S. State 2015/2016 (st P205)

    Super Phosphoric Acid Industrial Demand

    • Industrial Market Overview
    • Products Made With or Applications of SPA

    Super Phosphoric Acid Market Pricing Summary

    • Pricing Dynamics and Strategies
    • Current Price Levels

    Super Phosphoric Acid Market Outlook

    • Supply Outlook
    • Trade Outlook
    • Demand Outlook
    • Price Outlook
Super Phosphoric Acid Report

Super Phosphoric Acid:
A Current Assessment of the North American Market

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