Primary Nutrients

Green Markets Research – Primary Nutrient Markets (N, P, K)

From current details on fertilizer supply and demand to production costs and price forecasts, Green Markets’ research on the primary nutrient markets details the data needed for strategic planning, competitor assessment, and price forecasting.

Quarterly fertilizer market analysis includes:

Global Potash Quarterly

The research in this series is your detailed monitor of the macro forces shaping global fertilizer prices across the spectrum of nutrients. With this analysis at hand, you’ll understand the current market dynamics at play and inform all of your decision-making with regard to procurement, investment, hedging or utilization.

View a short video demonstration of the Global Fertilizer Quarterly, or view this PDF which clarifies the value of this unique research.

Each research report in the Global Fertilizer Quarterly series includes the following:
  1. Fertilizer price forecasts by key geographies and product in 3 month and 1 – 10 year increments.
  2. A comprehensive database (in Excel® format) detailing fertilizer production capacity at the regional, country and site level. This fertilizer production database is then modeled to create a variety of aggregations and forecasts of the global supply and demand balance over a 5 year time horizon.
  3. An interactive model with easy-to-use forecasting algorithms that allow you to customize production scenarios using a ‘Bear’, ‘Bull’ or ‘Neutral’ sentiments which in turn change the supply/demand balance projections across the forecast period.
  4. Production cost curve analysis that details the variability of marginal production across major geographical regions. Marginal costs are then analyzed against prevailing market pricing and trade flows to provide clear direction on future pricing patterns.
  5. Overview and outlook of the macro forces shaping fertilizer markets across the globe: from supply/demand shifts to geopolitical, agronomic and economic factors, this research analyzes all the factors impacting the primary nutrient marketplace.

Providing the foundation for your strategic planning, these detailed market studies are an invaluable asset that informs and confirms your decision making in an increasingly volatile and globalized fertilizer market.

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Green Markets’ fertilizer market research is led by:

Neil Fleishman

Neil Fleishman
Senior Industry Analyst
Green Markets

Neil Fleishman has analyzed global fertilizer markets and companies for over a decade.

His work with Green Markets includes the Global Fertilizer Quarterly series covering each of the N, P, and K markets in detail. Mr. Fleishman also produces fertilizer market research on a variety of topics of import to the industry, and leads/contributes to bespoke market research and advisory projects.

Previously, Mr. Fleishman worked at the Susquehanna International Group as a trading desk Sector Specialist. Neil holds a BS in Business Administration (Finance concentration) from Drexel University and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

View this brief video below to see how the Global Fertilizer Quarterly can inform your fertilizer market knowledge, business planning and strategy development.