Fall Fertilizer and the Farm Economy

Fall Fertilizer and the Farm Economy:
The Impact of Crop Prices on Fall Inputs and Spring Decision-Making

 Webinar Recorded October 26, 2017

With growers cash strapped due to low crop prices, how have they adjusted Fall application? And how have current farm economics impacted the Spring 2018 planting season?

This webinar from Green Markets answers key questions facing the market and gives you the opportunity to pose your own questions to a highly expert panel of thought leaders. Order the on-demand recording to hear the latest thinking on:

  • How will the Fall application season shake out?
  • Are growers opting to cut Fall P and K rates while sticking with more traditional N volumes?
  • Was the pre-plant application season on winter wheat a total bust?
  • Will a late harvest result in a compressed Fall application window?
  • What’s the outlook for acreage next year?
  • How have farm economics changed over the past 3 to 6 months?
  • Have Spring 2018 planning intentions shifted?
  • What is the near term fertilizer price forecast for major inputs?
  • PLUS:  the webinar speakers answer questions during an open Q&A

Fall Outlook 2017
Webinar Recording
Fall Fertilizer and the Farm Economy

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This web event from Green Markets addresses all these topics, and more. This exclusive learning event gives fertilizer professionals clear direction on the current and expected state of U.S. fertilizer markets.  Featured speakers:

Neil FleishmanNeil Fleishman, CFA, Head of Research
Green Markets

Neil Fleishman is the Senior Industry Analyst for Green Markets. Previously, he worked at the Susquehanna Int. Group as a trading desk Sector Specialist covering both the industrial and energy markets for the firm. He also has experience as a portfolio analyst for Evergreen investments.

Neil, a thought leader, developed three Green Markets Global Fertilizer Quarterly: Supply & Demand, Production Costs and Pricing reports for Nitrogen, DAP/MAP and Potash. The research reports monitor the macro forces shaping global fertilizer prices across the spectrum of nutrients. Providing the foundation for strategic planning, these detailed market studies are an invaluable asset that informs and confirms decision making in an increasingly volatile and globalized fertilizer market.

Along with these models, Neil regularly provides custom consultation on fertilizer supply and demand and is a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

  Phil KenkelDr. Phil Kenkel,  Professor, Department Agricultural Economics
Oklahoma State University

Phil holds the Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Chair at Oklahoma State University. The Chair programs also include traditional and on-line sections of an undergraduate cooperative class and assistance with cooperative internship manager trainee programs. Dr. Kenkel has authored more than 200 research and extension publications, presented over 100 papers at professional meetings and conducted training sessions on producer-owned businesses in five countries. He is a member of the NCERA-210 Research Committee on Cooperatives and is the current editor of the Journal of Cooperatives.

He completed his B.S., MBA and Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky. He has been in his current position at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma since 2000.

John RoachJohn Roach, Founder
Roach AG Marketing

Roach Ag Marketing is an independent consulting and full-service commodity brokerage company working with over 10,000 agri-business customers in 32 states and two foreign countries. Roach Ag has grown to include 8 office locations in 4 Corn Belt states with its corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida.
In 2009, Roach Ag became a licensed crop insurance agency to better support farm risk management strategies. Roach Ag has provided producers with a plan to maximize revenue on the farm utilizing modern crop insurance products and the popular cash grain selling strategies developed in the Daily Grain Plan e-newsletter. Roach Ag has licensed crop insurance consultants selling government sponsored policies to all Midwestern states.

John writes and emails the Roach Ag Daily Grain Marketing Plan each morning to a growing list of farmers who are calling it the best commentary they read. In 1995, John was honored to be one of sixteen brokers featured in the book, “Master Brokers”, by John Walsh.

John Roach is best known, however, as the Senior Market Analyst for the nationally syndicated Public Broadcasting program Market to Market where he has appeared since 1978.

Chris DeMoss Chris DeMoss, Buyer

Chris DeMoss graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Agricultural Economics and has worked for MFA Incorporated since 1995.

Chris has held various roles with MFA, such as Plant Foods Salesman, Grain Merchandiser, Plant Foods Procurement Manager and, currently, Director of Plant Foods and Transportation. Board of Directors for The Fertilizer Institute and the Missouri Fertilizer Control Board are a few of the industry groups where Chris represents MFA Incorporated.

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