Fertilizer Recovery

Global Fertilizer Outlook 2017:
When to expect a recovery?

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 Webinar held, Thursday, October 5, 2017

Capacity additions by nitrogen, potash and phosphate producers have resulted in supply outpacing demand. How has this impacted the supply/demand balance across the global NPK markets and when might fertilizer prices rebound?

This unique webinar from Green Markets takes a detailed look at the factors that have impacted fertilizer supply and demand and the impact on prices.  Join the live webinar or order the webinar recording and get on-demand access to hear the latest thinking on:

  • Global fertilizer price outlook and expectations for 2018
  • Details on key potash projects and impact on price elasticity
  • Current view of the global potash cost curve
  • Growth potential for premium priced SOP
  • Impact of new phosphate capacity
  • DAP/MAP demand forecast for 2017
  • Global urea supply and demand forecast to 2026
  • Global ammonium sulfate supply and demand forecast to 2022
  • PLUS:  the webinar speaker answers questions during an open Q&A

Fertilizer Recovery Webinar-2017
On-demand Webinar Recording
Global Fertilizer Outlook 2017

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This web event from Green Markets addressed all these topics, and more. This exclusive learning event gives you clear direction on the current and future implications of global fertilizer prices.  Featured speaker:

Neil FleishmanNeil Fleishman, CFA, Head of Research
Green Markets

Neil Fleishman is the Senior Industry Analyst for Green Markets. Previously, he worked at the Susquehanna Int. Group as a trading desk Sector Specialist covering both the industrial and energy markets for the firm. He also has experience as a portfolio analyst for Evergreen investments.

Neil, a thought leader, developed three Green Markets Global Fertilizer Quarterly: Supply & Demand, Production Costs and Pricing reports for Nitrogen, DAP/MAP and Potash. The research reports monitor the macro forces shaping global fertilizer prices across the spectrum of nutrients. Providing the foundation for strategic planning, these detailed market studies are an invaluable asset that informs and confirms decision making in an increasingly volatile and globalized fertilizer market.

Along with these models, Neil regularly provides custom consultation on fertilizer supply and demand and is a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

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