Potash Cost Curve

The Global Potash Cost Curve & Analysis

Find out how the supply overhang in the global Potash market will impact price and price competition.
Timely new research on the volatile Potash market, including an overview of global supply and demand, and its likely effect on pricing dynamics over the near, medium and long term.
What’s included:
Global Supply and Demand — analysis and data on the global outlook for Potash supply and demand through 2022
Overview of current events — and how they impact capacity estimates, including historical capacity vs. production
Demand Trends — a look at the top ten Potash consuming countries, with demand figures tied to Bloomberg global GDP forecasts
Shifting of the Global Cost Curve — how global capacity additions will impact the cost profile of the global Potash trade
Overview of Greenfield Projects — a look into existing and planned projects, with near, medium and long-term effects
Stay on top of volatile Potash market trends with Global Potash Cost Curve & Analysis.
Global Potash Cost Curve & Analysis will be delivered to you electronically in PDF format.

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