Fertilizer Price Forecasts

Fertilizer Price Forecasts

See the future of price movements in key fertilizer product markets

Utilizing a trusted, time tested methodology, Green Markets offers fertilizer price forecasts in 1-6 month, 1-5 year and 10 year increments.

These low cost, high value fertilizer price forecast reports are available across product categories and include key regional market indices:


  • Granular Urea
    • U.S. Gulf NOLA
    • Middle East
    • Indonesia Bulk
    • China
  • Prilled Urea
    • U.S. Gulf
    • Black Sea
    • Middle East
    • China
  • Ammonia
    • Tampa CFR
    • Black Sea
    • India CFR
    • Middle East
  • UAN
    • U.S. Gulf NOLA
    • Black Sea
    • Baltic
    • France



  • DAP U.S. Gulf NOLA
  • MAP U.S. Gulf NOLA
  • DAP U.S. Cornbelt
  • MAP U.S. Cornbelt
  • MAP Brazil
  • DAP India
  • DAP China
  • MAP Baltic Sea
  • MOP U.S. Cornbelt
  • SOP Pacific NW
  • MOP Brazil
  • MOP Northwest Europe
  • MOP Southeast Asia
  • MOP Vancouver
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