The North American Fertilizer Market 2019

The North American Fertilizer Market 2019

The region’s fertilizer markets enter a new era in 2019 as all major nitrogen capacity additions are online

Each of the nitrogen, phosphate and potassium markets face some unique dynamics and the region is adjusting trade to allocate substantial production changes.

This unique market report examines ALL the relevant influences shaping the North American nitrogen, phosphate and potash markets. With this study in hand, you’ll uncover all the data and insight on North American fertilizer production, consumption, imports, exports and prices through 2024.

The report, informed by Green Markets’ 40 year history of proprietary data on global production and market pricing includes:

Nitrogen Market Analysis

  • North American Nitrogen Market Overview
  • North American Nitrogen: Key Themes
  • North American Nitrogen: Supply Outlook
  • North American Nitrogen: Demand Outlook
  • North American Nitrogen: Price Forecasts
  • North American Nitrogen: Trade Outlook
  • Nitrogen Capacity Expansion
  • North America Urea Capacity and Pricing 2014-2019
  • Global Ammonia Supply and Demand 2013-2024
  • Global Urea Supply and Demand 2013-2024
  • North American Nitrogen Capacity 2014-2024
  • North American Urea Capacity by Company
  • Nitrogen Application Rates on Corn Acres
  • North American Urea Balance 2011-2023
  • North American Nitrogen Price Forecasts
  • Annual U.S. Urea Exports, by Month
  • Annual U.S. Urea Imports, by Month
  • North American Nitrogen Scenario 2011-2024
  • North American Nitrogen Proposed Project List

Potash Market Analysis

  • North American Potash Market Overview
  • North American Potash: Key Themes
  • North American Potash: Supply Outlook
  • North American Potash: Demand Outlook
  • North American Potash: Price Forecasts
  • North American Potash: Trade Outlook
  • North America Potash Capacity and Pricing 2014-2019
  • Global Potash Supply and Demand 2014-2028
  • North American Potash Capacity 2014-2024
  • Annual U.S. Potash Imports, by Month

Phosphate (DAP/MAP) Market Analysis

  • North American Phosphate Market Overview
  • North American Phosphate: Key Themes
  • North American Phosphate: Supply Outlook
  • North American Phosphate: Demand Outlook
  • North American Phosphate: Price Forecasts
  • North American Phosphate: Trade Outlook
  • North America DAP/MAP Capacity and Pricing 2014-2019
  • Global DAP/MAP Supply and Demand 2016-2028
  • North American Potash Price Forecasts
  • North American Phosphate Capacity Supply, Demand and Exports 2014-2024
  • North American Phosphate Price Forecasts
  • Annual U.S. P2O5 Exports, by Month
  • Annual U.S. P2O5 Imports, by Month

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The North American Fertilizer Market 2019

The North American
Fertilizer Market 2019

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NEW for this edition: expanded price forecasts for key regional fertilizer product markets including:

  • Urea Gulf NOLA Granular, Urea U.S. Gulf Prill, Ammonia Tampa, UAN Gulf NOLA: 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, 1 year (by quarter), 6,7,8,9,10 year
  • Potash NOLA, Potash Cornbelt Granular: 3-month, 6-month 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year
  • DAP Gulf NOLA, MAP Gulf NOLA, DAP Cornbelt, and MAP Corbelt: 3-month, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year