Pricing Notations

Green Markets Pricing Notations

Unless otherwise noted, all domestic U.S. prices are on a short ton, FOB basis. International prices are on a metric ton basis.


Prices are based on large transactions involving truckloads or larger volumes. All prices are net of discounts for volume, cash, or prompt payment, if such are offered. Prices listed on an FOB basis are at the producer’s plant gate, terminal, or pipeline point.
CFR prices include transportation to the destination port.
Delivered (DEL) prices include transportation costs to the retail dealer’s premises or the nearest accessible railhead.
All prices are spot unless indicated with a (c) for contract.
The notation (mt) denotes metric ton.
The notation (lt) denotes long ton.
The notation of a dash (-) for a price means that a current price is not obtainable. Price spreads shown for a region are attributable to localized price differences or differing sizes of purchase.
CANADA: Western and Eastern Canada prices are CAD per metric ton. Vancouver prices are USD per metric ton. Saskatchewan prices are USD per short ton.
CHINA: Factory prices are CNY per metric ton, as provided by Sunsirs. Other China prices are USD per metric ton.


UAN: Domestic prices are quoted on the basis of nutrient units; to convert to short ton, multiply the nutrient value (e.g., 28, 30, or 32) by the price shown.
UREA: All prices are granular unless indicated as prill, or a bulk which is both prill and granular.
PHOSPHORIC ACID: Domestic prices are quoted on the basis of nutrient units; to convert to short ton, multiply the nutrient value (e.g., 54 for MGA, 68 for SPA) by the price shown.
SULFUR: Recovered Tampa, New Orleans, and Houston prices are negotiated quarterly.


Cornbelt (Mid-Cornbelt, Midwest) — Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska
Eastern Cornbelt — Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Western Cornbelt — Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska
Southern Plains — W. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, E. New Mexico, E. Colorado
South Central — Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, E. Texas
Southeast — Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia
Northeast — Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New England
Northern Plains — Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Great Lakes — Michigan, Wisconsin
Pacific Northwest — Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana
Western Canada — Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
Eastern Canada — Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
Northwest Europe — Amsterdam, Belgium, Northwest Germany, Northwest France

Green Markets Weekly U.S. Fertilizer Price Index Notation

The Green Markets Weekly U.S. Fertilizer Price Index is constructed using the fertilizer benchmark prices of US Gulf Coast Urea, US Cornbelt Potash and NOLA Barge DAP. The index is value weighted based on the annual global demand of each nutrient. For current year pricing we use fertilizer demand forecasts from the Green Markets Research. The index has a starting date of January 7, 2002 and an associated starting value of 100. The index is updated on a weekly basis at the time of publication ofGreen Markets. The index provides a snapshot of how North American fertilizer prices are trending over time.

Disclaimer of Warranty
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