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Each weekly issue includes local market reports for ammonia, urea, and other nitrogens, phosphates, potassiums, sulfurs and blends. On-going news coverage delivers insight on industry management moves, updates on alliances, mergers and consolidations and much more.

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Fertilizer Prices & Market Assessments

Corporate Activity

  • Mergers, acquisitions and joint venture announcements and ongoing coverage
  • Key personnel changes within fertilizer companies
  • Litigation, settlements
  • Fertilizer company earnings from around the globe
Government Activity

  • Regulatory action and enforcement
  • Fertilizer trade policies, tariffs, taxes and subsidies
  • Environmental regulation
  • Antitrust actions
Events Affecting Fertilizer Supply

  • Plant start-ups, closures and turnarounds
  • Port delays, terminal shutdowns
  • Transportation and supply chain issues
  • Impact of severe weather


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  • Interactive Price Chart — View the fertilizer prices that are critical to your business across a time series of your choice. You’ll select from any combination of fertilizer, region and date range to analyze current price movements in context with historical patterns and significant market events.
  • Green Markets U.S. Weekly Fertilizer Price Index — Your proprietary benchmark to gauge the relative strength of U.S. fertilizer prices gives you remarkable clarity on the market’s dynamics.