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Gain the fertilizer industry intelligence you need to make informed business decisions.

Each Green Markets event provides access to fertilizer industry experts that deliver the most current knowledge on industry trends. Join a Green Markets event and you’ll see how we create an environment for ideal learning about the latest themes shaping our industry.

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Green Markets events attract attendees from across the value chain in both the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Companies range from fertilizer manufacturers, diversified chemicals, brand-name financial service firms (both the buy & sell side), consulting firms, distributors, agri-retailers, growers and government.

The typical attendee at a Green Market events holds a title of at least a Director level. With two-thirds of past attendees being in management or senior executive roles. These are highly qualified executive-level participants. Depending on the topic area, attendees may also be in managing director, analyst, sales manager, agronomist, R&D, sales, product development or procurement roles.

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