Advisory Services

Trusted for much more than price and market reports

Green Markets also delivers fertilizer industry expertise on a custom, confidential basis.

Our analysts are trusted by leading market participants for:

  • Custom Market Research
    • Supply and Demand Scenarios
    • Price Forecasts
    • Micro-market Segmentation
  • Strategy Consulting
    • Risk Assessment
    • Production Planning
    • Market Opportunity Identification
  • Growth Planning
    • Trends, Impact, and Feasibility Analysis
    • Production Capacity Analysis and Forecasts
    • Cash Flow Modeling/Financial Analysis
  • Custom Consultations
    • In-depth Briefings
    • Financial Diligence
    • Confidential Surveys
    • Speaking Engagements
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Recent advisory projects include:

  • North American ammonia supply, demand, and price forecast for major distributor
  • Long term potash price outlook and producer SWOT analysis
  • Nitrogen outlook presentations including investment bank client meetings, directors of large manufacturer
  • Custom research on geographical-focused fertilizer markets
  • Custom analysis of super phosphoric acid and ammonium polyphosphate markets
  • Two pre-feasibility studies for new, large scale nitrogen complexes in North America
  • North American UAN terminal/tank storage capacity quantification
  • Multi-year analysis of fertilizer retail consolidation in North America
  • Nitrogen fertilizer micro-demand outlook in select U.S. regions

Green Markets Advisory Services are led by:

Neil Fleishman

Neil Fleishman
Senior Industry Analyst
Green Markets