Fertilizer Market Research

Primary Nutrient Markets (N, P, K)

Global Fertilizer Quarterly: Supply & Demand, Production Costs and Pricing

Quarterly fertilizer market analysis includes:

Global Nitrogen Quarterly
Global DAP/MAP Quarterly
Global Potash Quarterly

Specialty/Premium Fertilizer Research

This detailed research identifies current fertilizer market conditions, as well as the potential drivers of change — including overviews of global fertilizer markets, historical and forecast production data, forecasted consumption levels and benchmark pricing.
Available Research

China Urea Market 2016-2021: The Demise of the Global Marginal Supplier

Global Sulfate of Potash Market 2016-2026: MOP Driving SOP and the Impact of New Capacity

Ammonium Polyphosphates North America: The Expanding Market for a Versatile Liquid Fertilizer

Super Phosphoric Acid: A Current Assessment of the North American Market

Global AS (Ammonium Sulfate) Market 2015-2020: When to Expect the Rebound

Global Phosphate Rock 2015-2020: A Utilization-Driven Market

Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid in North America: An Assessment of Market Linkage and Over-Supply, Through 2020

Global Urea Ammonium Nitrate Market 2016–2021: U.S. Self-Sufficiency, Trade Flow Shifts, and Inland Premiums


Proprietary data on the increasingly critical role of agronomists. Use this research to better manage the agronomists in your organization.

Agronomist Compensation Salary Report 2016

Green Markets Research

Green Markets’ fertilizer research is led by:


Neil Fleishman
Senior Industry Analyst,
Green Markets

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