Global Fertilizer Market Research Reports

See the future of price movements with Green Markets’ analysis of global fertilizer trade flows, supply/demand, producers, projects and cost of production.

Green Markets has a proven record of accurately forecasting fertilizer market movement. Our clients get fully independent insight, that many times contradicts industry convention.

Some examples of Green Markets’ ability
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Green Markets: A Record of Success
Projecting Global Fertilizer Markets

Green Markets research is concise, targeted and effective. It’s just the global analysis fertilizer professionals need, without the “noise” found in other market research.

Topics areas include:

Primary Nutrient Market Research (N,P,K)
Green Markets’ Global Fertilizer Quarterly: Supply & Demand, Production Costs and Pricing research series is trusted by fertilizer producers, traders, investors and advisory firms around the world to stay current on N, P, K markets around the world.

Updated each quarter, the reports in this series give you complete visibility of fertilizer markets and prices at the global region, country, producer and site level:

Specialty/Premium Fertilizer Research
This research, covering a variety of specialized fertilizer markets and products, identifies current fertilizer market conditions, as well as the potential drivers of change. Each topic area analyzes historical and forecast supply and demand levels, producers and projects, and benchmark price forecasts.

Available research includes:

Targeted Fertilizer Markets
In addition to extensive coverage of fertilizer product-centric market research, Green Markets studies specific geographic markets and other topics of value across the fertilizer value chain.

Green Markets’ fertilizer market research is led by:

Neil Fleishman

Neil Fleishman
Senior Industry Analyst
Green Markets

Neil Fleishman has analyzed global fertilizer markets and companies for over a decade.

His work with Green Markets includes the Global Fertilizer Quarterly series covering each of the N, P, and K markets in detail. Mr. Fleishman also produces fertilizer market research on a variety of topics of import to the industry, and leads/contributes to bespoke market research and advisory projects.

Previously, Mr. Fleishman worked at the Susquehanna International Group as a trading desk Sector Specialist. Neil holds a BS in Business Administration (Finance concentration) from Drexel University and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

To learn more about Mr. Fleishman’s work, contact your Account Manager, or contact Neil directly at +1.603.357.8241 or

To learn more, contact Lisa Robel. Call +1.603.357.8181 or email