Green Markets Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the fertilizer commodity and region within the Interactive Price Chart?
Choose from the top two drop-down menus “Fertilizer” and “Region”. Then click the “Refresh” button.
How do I change the change the date range within the Interactive Price Chart?
The chart date range is located in the text boxes located in the upper right corner of the chart. Click outside of the date box to refresh the chart.
How do I change the Zoom view within the Interactive Price Chart?
The Zoom view is located on the top left of the Interactive Price Chart. You may change the Zoom view to three months (3m), six months (6m), year to date (YTD), one year (1y) or All.
Where is the Price Scan PDF?
You can find the print version of the Price Scan within the full issue PDF, (see pages 4-5) available by visiting the Issue Archive link located on the right hand side menu list. You can also access the full issue PDF in the link similar to: “View September 2, 2013 Issue PDF” located at the top of the main subscriber page.
Why are some price points missing in the Price Scan table?
If there is a dash (-) in place of a price point it means data was is not available. Historical prices can be viewed within the Interactive Price Chart.
Why are some price points missing in the Interactive Price Chart?
If there is no price point for a specific date, it means no data was available for that date.
What browsers are compatible with the Interactive Price Chart?
The Interactive Price Chart is compatible with all current browser versions, including Internet Explorer 9 & 10, Fire Fox, Safari, and Chrome.
How do I know what some of the descriptions mean?
Details and definitions of our notations can be found on the Green Markets Pricing Notations page.
How can I see historical prices?
You can view historical prices via the Interactive Price Chart or by viewing the individual full issue PDFs, located on the Issue Archive page.
Why do some price reports start in varying years?
Your subscription gives you access to all the available price points. We started collecting prices for different commodities and different regions at different times.
On the Interactive Price Chart, why are some of the Zoom options grayed out?
If there are price points unavailable for certain time frames, some zoom options will not be available.
How can I compare a range of prices?
Green Markets Custom Data Reports are available for a small fee.
Who can I contact about getting a Custom Data Report?
To request Green Markets Custom Data Reports fertilizer prices, please fill out and submit an Order Request Form. We will reply to your request within 1 business day. If you would like to discuss all of the ordering options or for more information, contact GMsupport@bloomberg.net.
Who can I contact about a problem with the website?
Please send your question or feedback to GMsupport@bloomberg.net