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NITROGEN North America 2019

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“I found it to be very rewarding and look forward to the next. Keep up the good work and the important communication and info within the industry. I know planning and hosting such a high profile event is not an easy task-job well done!!”
– Large Nitrogen Product Distributor
In-person Conference

NITROGEN North America 2020

Houston, TX

Thank you to all of our attendees and speakers for attending the 5th annual NITROGEN North America event in Las Vegas.

Based on feedback from attendees the event was very well received. The result of speaker subject-matter expertise combined with a very knowledgeable audience lead to great discourse before, during, and after each session. NITROGEN North America addresses the upheaval facing the agricultural and industrial markets for ammonia, urea, and UAN nitrogen products. Macro forces emanating from the dramatic nitrogen price surge of a decade ago have now hit the North American Markets. New domestic capacity has redrawn market ranges, impacted prices, renewed the significance of supply chains and left a lot of unanswered questions.

We look forward to further rewarding and educational discussions in 2020. We hope you can join us!

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NITROGEN North America

Attendees of NITROGEN North America leave with the expert insight needed to effectively plan for the short, medium and long-term success of their business. One of Green Markets annually produced events NITROGEN North America has featured the following previous session topics, speakers and sponsors.

Past Sessions:

North American Nitrogen Outlook to 2030
Alexis Maxwell, Research Director, Green Markets

North American Nitrogen Trade Flows with a Focus on UAN
Ivan Boasher, Industry Consultant

Nitrogen Fixing Cereals: A New Way for Fertilization
Dr. Karsten Temme, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pivot Bio

A National Nitrogen Reduction Scheme
David Kanter, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, NYU

U.S. Ammonia Pipeline Overview
Alexis Maxwell, Research Director, Green Markets

Ammonia Transport in the Wake of the Magellan Shutdown
Todd Tranausky, Vice President, Rail and Intermodal, FTR Advisory

Farm Economics of Ammonia
Dr. Gary Schnitkey, Professor, University of Illinois

Financial Market Signals for Nitrogen Producers Amid Cheap Crops, Volatile Trade and Teetering GDP
Jason Miner, Senior Analyst, Global Chemicals, Bloomberg Intelligence

Past Sponsors:

  • Dow AgroSciences
  • Marsulex Environmental Technologies

Conference Materials:

2019 – Nitrogen North America Brochure [PDF]
2019 – Nitrogen North America Program [PDF]
2018 – Nitrogen North America Brochure [PDF]
2018 – Nitrogen North America Program [PDF]
2017 – Nitrogen North America Brochure [PDF]
2017 – Nitrogen North America Program [PDF]

Sponsorship Opportunities
Gain exposure across nitrogen aligned industries with an economical and impactful sponsorship.
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