Global Nitrogen Supply & Demand Model

Discover the future of the nitrogen industry, respond proactively and make informed strategic decisions.
This unique live model delivers detailed analysis, estimates, and forecasts on urea and ammonia, plus ammonium nitrate and UAN, that you won’t readily find elsewhere. Use our numbers or run your own scenarios to test possible outcomes on:
Overview and Outlook
  • Nitrogen Outlook — a review of our forecasts for the global Nitrogen market, with a focus on urea and ammonia
  • Natural Gas — analysis of the North America natural gas market and the area as a low-cost producing region against the global backdrop
  • Historical Price Snapshot — historical urea pricing vs. farm incomes, and corn prices
Supply and Demand
  • Global Supply and Demand— a global overview of projected capacity vs. our estimated demand curve
  • North America Scenario — an in-depth look at North American nitrogen projects, with an examination of how different levels of project completions affect the supply/demand structure
  • Implied Demand — estimates of implied fertilizer demand out to 2020, based off of linear regressions tied to Bloomberg Global GDP forecasts and World Harvested Land
  • Import-Export — base line assumptions for both country level demand and import/export assumptions for major producing and consuming nations for both urea and ammonia
Capacities and Inventory
  • World Capacity Overview — our global capacity assumptions for ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate, and UAN
  • Nitrogen capacities — for Americas and Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and China
  • Inventory — a look at both U.S. and Chinese inventory levels
  • Operational Capability — a look at production levels in recent history vs. theoretical nameplate capacities and implied consumption
  • Global Factory Output — the model tracks individual factory output, at the country level. List of over 450 nitrogen producers



Order Global Nitrogen Supply & Demand Model for $4,750 — includes yearly, enterprise license and three quarterly updates

Global Nitrogen Supply & Demand Model will be delivered to you in a transparent, multi-layer spreadsheet that will allow you to adjust the data provided in response to market changes, or to test your own scenarios.

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