Global Phosphate Quarterly:
Supply & Demand, Production Costs and Price Forecasts

From current details on regional supply and demand to production cash cost analysis and price outlooks, it’s the detailed fertilizer market data you need for strategic planning, competitor assessment, and price forecasting.

Your detailed monitor of the forces shaping global Diammonium Phosphate (“DAP” or “18-46-0”), Monoammonium Phosphate (“MAP” or “11-52-0”), and phosphate rock prices, this research delivers informed analysis, estimates and price forecasts for the global phosphate fertilizer market that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each purchase of the Global Phosphate Quarterly gives you enterprise access to one full year of intelligence (four reports), including the following elements:

1. Global Phosphate Fertilizer Price Forecasts

Trusted price forecasts for phosphate fertilizers in key global regions details likely pricing scenarios in 1-6 month, 1-5 and 10 year horizons for:

  • DAP: Gulf NOLA, Cornbelt, India CFR, China
  • MAP: Gulf NOLA, Cornbelt, Brazil CFR, Baltic Sea
  • Phosphate Rock: North Africa

2. Global DAP/MAP Capacities and Inventory

A comprehensive database (in Excel® format) detailing phosphate fertilizer production capacity at the regional, country and site level. This data is then modeled to create a variety of aggregations and forecasts of the global supply and demand balance by country over a 10-year time horizon including:

  • Global Producer Output — details on production capacity at the individual factory/site and production volumes at the country level. View the list of over 350 phosphate producers covered in this analysis on a quarterly basis.
  • DAP-MAP Capacity— a breakdown of global DAP/MAP capacity assumptions at the company and production facility level, organized by country, with special emphasis on China DAP/MAP capacity
  • Phosphate Rock Capacity — overview of global phosphate rock capacity organized at both the country and mine level

3. DAP/MAP Fertilizer Supply and Demand

A transparent, interactive model with easy-to-use forecasting algorithms that allow you to customize production scenarios which in turn change the phosphate supply/demand balance projections across the forecast period.
Analysis includes:
Green Markets Phosphate Quarterly

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Other reports in the Global Fertilizer Quarterly series:

  • Global Phosphate Supply and Demand Balance— an analysis of projected capacity vs. estimated consumption
  • Global Phosphate Demand— forecasts of phosphate fertilizer demand to 2020, based on regression models tied to Bloomberg Global GDP forecasts and World Harvested Land
  • Import-Export DAP-MAP — country level demand and import/export assumptions for major DAP/MAP producing and consuming nations
  • Import-Export Phosphate Rock— analysis of the phosphate rock import and export markets focusing on major areas of growth and demand in the world

4. DAP/MAP Production Cash Cost Curve

Analysis that details the variability of marginal production across major geographical regions. Marginal costs are then analyzed against prevailing market pricing and trade flows to provide clear direction on future pricing patterns.

  • Production Cash Cost Analysis— comparison of phosphate fertilizer production cash cost basis at the country level

Phosphate Fertilizer Market Overview and Outlook

Analysis of the macro forces shaping phosphate fertilizer markets across the globe: from supply/demand shifts to geopolitical, agronomic and economic factors, this research analyzes all the factors impacting the phosphate nutrient marketplace, including:

  • Phosphate Outlook — a review of forecasts for the global DAP/MAP and phosphate rock market
  • Global DAP-MAP Overview — regional overview of Global DAP/MAP capacity projections
  • Global Rock Overview — projections for major greenfiled projects, organized by company level, with a global list of most junior projects
  • Historical DAP Pricing

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